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@ IsraelNationalTV -

@ IsraelNationalTV - not only: the Middle East,
but also all the nations of the world:
they will give me, a special power of attorney:
if they want to: successfully overcome:
all the problems: that: necessarily: they must bring: at 3 ° nuclear WW .. because: Babylon tower: NWO, Freemasonry: IMF 666 and 322? they have underground bases: with a space technology .. why: Even if every form of life was lost: on the planet? they think they can re-colonize the planet, as a new creation: for Satan.
If the Prophet Elijah killed all those people? is because there was no chance to save: none of them! But Elijah forgave the people who had sinned!
If you wanted to pay me I would re-write your message so it looks and sounds right and isn't impossible to read. XD -- ANSWER-- lol. you must be a strange gay (SuperParody: Rick Perry "Strong"): [/watch?v=mrKAyOyHRzQ] if, you want to deny, to yourself the right to vote .. Perhaps it is because: you think you do not know how to vote right? but the right to vote: in a false democracy of the Masonic bank seigniorage? is a right ridiculous, because: rabbi IMF: masonic banking seigniorage: why, they know, how to manipulate the consensus here is: why:do not need to rig the elections as they did with: Jonh Kerry 322! but, I HAVE SOLD ALL MY FARM: and I had to do, even a mortgage: to get this ministry in youtube. Certainly, my messages are not including: without the power of the Holy Spirit that makes them understand .. but, this is not for all: .... lol. is obvious: you can understand them: too! and this? is more than enough for me! and is also more than enough for you, to be condemned to hell
@SAMI91Z -- no! there is no sovereignty in the Nations: in fact: there are Bildenberg Trilateral, etc. .. all Nations today are NWO: 322 & 666: ie masonic: seigniorage banking, Because you and all: will die in 3 rd WW nuclear.. 1.) Economic downfall; 2.) Homelessness;
3.) War in Middle East; 4.) Dealing with overspending;
5.) Nationalized Healthcare; 6.) Unemployment;
7.) Nationalization of Banks (lol. if Jew Illuminati do not kill Ron Paul before, as they did with Kennedy). Really any of those may have made for a good commercial... why is for Ron Paul 2012 all the way!
the real enemies of all mankind?
are all Jews: that: they are all over the world, to do the evil: and things evil: against all peoples: through:: bestiality, Freemasonry: Satanism and bank seigniorage, etc. .. and every other abomination! What? is smaller the territory of Israel? But this is not a problem for me .. we can take: the entire desert of Saudi Arabian, which is us, by right: as: is the site of the true Mount Sinai! and across the region that goes from the river Tigris to the Nile river: because: It is unbelievable, the level of civilization: equality, justice, peace, wealth and happiness for all my subjects? I do not need: of do violence to anyone! shalom. +. salam. Blessings too
fuck Rothschild and his 3°WW nuclear

[il sangue cristiano.pdf]

(who can do these crimes? He has already decided to do of all whole human race: one only bunch of slaves) uhjk100 SAID[closed its site for fear] I understand now, even more, that Zionist Jews are an absolute evil, even worse than the Muslim extremists. - ANSWER - people do not know that Hitler tried to talk to them, BUT FOR HIM: THIS IS been IMPOSSIBLE .. such as: was been: impossible, also for me! Because they have faith: absolute, in their Rabbis: Kakam:Pharisees Illuminati or the IMF? Fidelity is an absolute! but, I have asked God for an answer .. so, I called a: my son to open: a new Bible at random: the Lord answered me, through Amos 9 (punishment of Israel)..All the sinners of my people? die by the sword! they, who saying the misfortune, will not come down to us, and we do not touch! "because of them? I failed my agenda of Universal brotherhood .. then, of course, will be a massacre! @IsraelNationalTV- If these crimes: they have never been: recognized: disavowed: or renegades, condemned, by the Jewish communities? Then, these crimes: they are still made today again, by all shit of Ovadia: Kakam Illuminati of IMF: seigniorage banking .. because today it is easy to do this dirty work(to drain human blood), using satanists! That's why God can never, answer to your prayers .. However: if they have the stomach: for go to the hell: with Satan? also for this few miserable years: of these earthly life? the help of American Satanists jewish lobby: 666 and 322? however, is not something that is going to last! quiet boy! I am come to you? but, My spirit has passed, killing thousands of Satanists: first! quiet.. a king knows how to: as protect its subjects! You have noticed how demons: by: Joshua [23.11] the traslator google: has canceled: arbitrarily: my approach (3° WW nuclear)? [Christian blood] HISTORICAL APPENDIX. Preamble. The revelations of: Neophyte: are still credible?1 °: the historical list of Many: murders: that ritual purposes: always committed: Jews in the past: for centuries: in this: the more special: clear: confessions: of: Jews: of: this: murder: and: this ritual purpose: that: are reported in authentic processes. II. List historical: some: assassinations: of: Christians: committed: by: Jews for ritual purposes:] in: centuries ago. Many: lists: of this assassinations: ** 1255. A Lincoln (Bolland. vol.6July, p.494) Hugh Child stolen by Jews are fed up to the day of sacrifice. Many: Jews agree, from various parts of England: and crucify him:. [Christian blood] It is remarkable to consider, such as: the same confessions and revelations have been made by: Jews, even after many, many: centuries and in countries far away: in Trento, Moldova, Switzerland: in: centuries XIV and XVIII, by: Monumenta of Pertz historiae Germanicae. But, because, so far reported, the use jew: to: use: of Christian blood, for ritual purposes: it is ancient and constant: in: centuries gone by. But we now come to the century: present... ecc. ecc. Giosué[23.11] we are all sons of Adam and Noah? So why: Rabbi: Ovadia Yosef: ie, Pharisees: can say that: Christians are animals in human form? What lies beneath: all this? evitente is: the Jewish lobby: 666 of 322: IMF: they stole the symbols of Judaism and Christianity! go against the Satanists? It's like going against yourself! However, also if, this story: horrible: of the Talmud: is more over: 3000 years, dating back to the roots of the Jewish religion, was immediately corrupt: because of apostasy for oral tractions: which then were incorporated in the Talmud? However, we should not be afraid of the truth and we should not be afraid to amputate cancer: first, that came be death of the entire body. for do luciferian Grove cult: ie New Tower Babel: NWO. Giosué [23,11] @IsraelNationalTV-- Abbiate gran cura, per la vostra vita, di amare il Signore vostro Dio. [12] why, if, make apostasy(Talmud: Pharisees).. then,[13] then, you know.. you will be perished: and you will be gone (3° nuclear WW): from this: good land which the Lord your God has given you.- ANSWER- goddammit! speak ill of Israel? (even if: it is an abomination Masonic founded by Satanists of the IMF:.. even if it's like: all other false democracies: of the banking seigniorage): for a Christian? is like cutting off his arm! How has Judaism religious movement? many! So why this hate absurd: the synagogue of Satan (Illuminati Pharisees): against: Christians from the beginning? Would you expect, That, has ended the 3 rd WW Nuclear? But this is PRECISELY the problem: "if there will be: 3 ° after WW nuclear 'one State of Israel!"